Got Conflict?

Holding a Ph.D. in Organization and Management with a Concentration in Mediation, Dr. Beverly M. Owens has been in practice since 1994 and specializes in Mediation and Arbitration. With a nationwide clientele, including the United States Postal Service, Dr. Owens has extensive experience in all aspects of conflict resolution. Clients see Dr. Owens as a competent, caring professional who has the ability to bring others to the following resolution, i. e., that productivity and profitability are natural by-products of good human interaction and cooperative behavior determines whether individuals and organizations become life's casualties or survivors. Prior to receiving her Ph.D., Dr. Owens worked for the IBM Corporation for thirteen years and as a small business owner for sixteen years.





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“Somewhere between right
doing and wrong doing
there is a field - - - I’ll
meet you there.”
                              - Rumi



We Solve Disputes

Mediation can solve
issues involving:

  • Divorces
  • Domestic Partnerships
  • Harassment
  • Asset Division
  • Custody/Support
  • Wills
  • Bullying Bosses
  • Elder Mediation
  • Contract renegotiations
  • Human Resources Departments
Get the protection
of the court without
going to court

Mediation is a process that puts you in control of the outcome of your dispute.  Dr. Owens assists all parties in finding mutually agreeable solutions, which then become legally binding documents. Unlike typical litigation, Mediation is aimed at creating a solution in the most efficient, cost-effective and shortest time, with an outcome that is created by, and satisfies everyone.


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